Nemuel Feurle


My name is Nemuel, often called Nemo, Nemu or Nemi. I'm a rock climber, alpinist and nature lover. About six years ago I participated in a children's climbing course. I quickly became aware that climbing is what I always want to do, and never going to stop. I started training twice then three times a week, trained in Vorarlberg's national squad and participated in some national competitions. Today I train 6-7 days a week. No more competitions and try to do the best out of every day. When I discovered rock climbing nothing and nobody stopped me in the climbing gym. Except my training sessions often take place in the hall and in bad weather. My passion for rock climbing is exactly what I have never lost. Today, my dream is still to climb many rocks, the higher and the steeper the better. I am always looking for difficult and challenging routes. My goals for 2020 are quite simple, finally to complete my started Alpine projects.

Age    18

Birthday     28th of August 2001

Hight    174cm

Hair-colour     blond

Eye-color      greenbrown

Nationality      Austria, Swiss

Homecountry      Dornbirn, Vorarlberg 

Mother tongue     German

Foreign language      English

Dialect      Vorarlbergerisch 

Hobby's     Skimountaineering, Mountaineering, biking